Wild Serai – Malaysian Food in London | Review

The blog being revived after a long hiatus. A review about Wild Serai who whips up amazing Malaysian Meal.  Wild Serai has been on my list to visit for a very long time, finally when they opened the doors as a pop up restaurant at The Sun & 13 Cantons, I made a mental note to visit them last month.

A mini heat wave in London during spring all the more reason to choose the very day to visit.  My partner in crime on this occasion is Nisha (Host at London Chaiparty & Macaron Maker at BoBo Macaron).

We arrived for lunch and were quickly seated, ordered drinks from the bar. We were informed by the wait staff that unfortunately it is cash only at Wild Serai while Nisha paid a visit to the nearest cash machine I ordered couple of starters to start with

I ordered for Chicken Satay (£8.50) and Crispy Nyonya Fried Chicken Wings (£6.50), it always a make or break kind of situation when it comes to Satay in London. While I waited for the starters to arrive, Nisha returns she wanted to try the curry puffs (£6.50) we ordered them as well.

I was not disappointed with them both the starters were thoroughly enjoyed along with the sauces licked clean. The sauces must be bottled and sold it was so good.  I have never been a fan of curry puffs of any kind so will skip my thoughts on it (I personally prefer the Indian flaky puffs no judgement please).

Wild Serai
Wild Serai Wild Serai

For the mains I ordered Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang with Prawn Sambal (£12) it came with all the regular sides fried egg check, anchovies and peanuts check, sliced cucumber check and the all-important banana leaf double check. The meal on all levels was good I only wish I didn’t eat so many starters at this point.

Wild Serai

Nisha ordered Roti Canai with Malaysian Chicken Curry (£9) a large portion after the starter I think we should have paid attention when menu clearly mentioned large plates. The chicken curry was very nice so glad that they used meat with bones  always gets a brownie points from me, as the curry gets this lovely flavour from the bones.

Wild Serai

If like me you want to order a lot of food at Wild Serai and get stuffed do visit their page here for more information. After the meal we headed to Hyde Park and spent few hours under the sun and tree you know why.

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LONDON – Christmas Lights | A Circular Walk

It is the season to be merry and happy. London is bright and shining that makes up for the rain, cold, windy, cold, rain again kind of weather.

A short circular walk that gives you the Christmas feels

Covent Garden




Pall Mall


Regent Street

London - Regent Street

Carnaby Street

London L.O.N.D.O.N

The story to be continued ..

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Shot On OnePlus Academy Workshop with Matt Scutt

One fine day I received a text from Nisha (My Kitchen Antics) asking me if I would like to meet her at OnePlus Academy for a photography workshop and photo walk. I was like yes and it has been a while since we have met.

Nisha is also part of London Chaiparty Pop-Up restaurant (while I type this mind wanders to Chaiparty’s Bengali pop up dinner yum) and macaron maker at Burgeois Boheme.

On the day of workshop, we arrived at the venue located overlooking River Thames. The team from OnePlus made us feel welcome and explained the agenda for the day.

Matt Scutt Creative Director | Photographer | Instagram Influencer with over 15 years of experience was leading the workshop, we were in good hands. After the formal introduction the workshop began with the quote below

“There are NO rules “

This was followed by composition techniques with examples. Some of the topics that were discussed are Rule of Thirds, Symmetry, Lines and Focal Point. The fun started when the team handed us the OnePlus 5 mobile phones for the practical lessons. Matt gave us all some toy cars  purely for photography purposes which was followed by circular walk besides River Thames.

Few photos from the workshop photographed using OnePlus 5 phone.

One Plus Five Workshop One Plus Five Workshop

One Plus Five Workshop One Plus Five Workshop

One Plus Five Workshop

Nisha and I were with the team for the first half of the walk , while we were busy taking photos and engrossed with catching up,  we ended losing the whole team along the way not on purpose I promise. This is what happens when friends meet after a while there is so much catching up to do.

Matt Scutt liked the photo below that I narrowly missed winning the OnePlus 5 phone. I absolutely loved the camera on OnePlus 5 it is just stunning, the phone is light weight if not for the heavy price tag I would definitely be buying.

One Plus Five Workshop

Thank You! OnePlus for hosting a great workshop and Matt Scutt for teaching, showing and sharing your knowledge

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

One Plus Five Workshop

Connect with Matt Scutt Nisha OnePlus

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The Great Watford Bake Off | Peace Hospice Care for Watford Food and Drink Week 2017

The first weekend of October started with “The Great Watford Bake Off “ as part of Watford Food and Drink Week 2017 a fundraising event for Peace Hospice Care.

Why is the community raising funds for Peace Hospice Care?

Peace Hospice Care is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients and families facing a life limiting illness by providing care and support in the setting of their choice. All the services are free to patients across Hertfordshire supported by their skilled staff and team.

If you like to know more or support Peace Hospice Care  visit them here

The Great Watford Bake Off event took place at St Mary’s Church located at Watford Town Centre. Kids as young as 4 to 7 year old took part in the event to support the cause.

So as part of the bake off you could enter as Junior, Amateur, Professional or Corporate in the following categories .

People’s Choice

Cupcakes & Tray Bakes: The challenge was to make 12 identical servings of your favourite cupcake or tray bake.

The Great Watford Bake Off 2017 The Great Watford Bake Off 2017
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017 The Great Watford Bake Off 2017
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

Peace of Cake

A classic take on the cakes from a traditional Lemon Drizzle to classic Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Fudge Cake or even a Carrot Cake.

When I got to St Mary’s Church the judges were half way through tasting and marking the Peace of Cake category.

The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

Spectacular Showstopper

As the name suggests it is elaborate, extravagant and eccentric.

The Great Watford Bake Off 2017 The Great Watford Bake Off 2017
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017 The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

Shoes Anyone ?
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

Alice in Wonderland Themed cake

The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

A Halloween themed cake
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

A bit of rainbow as it was drizzling outside.The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

A complete ramen kit with fried egg ofcourse.
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017 The Great Watford Bake Off 2017
The Great Watford Bake Off 2017

I was amazed at the local talents from my town. It was great to see people come together in a very British manner over cake and tea. I hope you enjoy the cakes virtually as I did photographing them.

Note: Image ~ ©Nessy Samuel All rights reserved and all views are my own.

A Weekend in Cotswolds

This summer a beautiful weekend was spent in Cotswolds listed as an area of outstanding beauty (ANOB). The location is ideal just a short drive from London and for us from Hertfordshire.

This is my second visit, during our first visit crica 2013 Gloucester was the base and this time Chipping Campden was chosen as the base.

Chipping Campden is close to some of the beautiful spots and the main reason for the visit was to visit the lavender farms in Snowshill more about it here.

Broadway Tower

For a beautiful view of rolling hills from the tower and some scrumptious food at the café.

Broadway Tower

For More info on Broadway Tower visit the Website here

St Edwards Church

You don’t have to go all way to New Zealand for the hobbit’s door you can spot one right here at Stow-on-the-Wold. It is so magical, while you are here don’t forget to try some handmade fudge in the town and do check out the antique store and charity shops there you may never know what treasures you will find.

Hailes Abbey

A view from one of the stores in the town centre a secret garden.


Address – St Edwards Church 2 Crossways House the Square, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cheltenham GL54 1AB

Hailes Abbey

If you are looking  to get away from the tourist groups or crowd I would suggest you to visit the ruins of Hailes Abbey founded in 1246 by the Earl of Cornwall a centre of monastic life  where monks lived for three centuries now a peaceful place to collect your thoughts.

Hailes Abbey Hailes Abbey

Website here

Bourton on the Water

Bourton on the water also known as the Venice of the Cotswolds is charming little town for a stroll along the water, a great spot for families.  You can spend a couple of hours or even a day here if you have the time. Dotted alongside the river you can find many pubs, antique stores if you walk a little further there is a beautiful pottery studio. There is something for everyone here. Tip: the place gets really crowded in summer so plan accordingly.

Bourton On The Water

Bourton on the water - Antique Store

Bourton on the water pottery Bourton On The Water

Website here

I visited Arlington Row Bibury in 2013 but I wanted to visit again but when we arrived the place was so packed with no parking space this warrants for another trip in the future.

Note: All the information here was correct during the time of our visit. Please check the website for additional information. Image ~ ©Nessy Samuel All rights reserved and all views are my own.

3 Days in Exmoor, Devon | Top Sights to Visit

Exmoor is between Somerset and North Devon located South West of England. To be honest 3 days is not enough but sometimes one needs to take a short break. I have compiled top spots to visit to truly experience what Exmoor and its surroundings have to offer.

Exmoor |Devon - England UK

Lynton was chosen as the base to explore Exmoor I have written a separate blog post about our stay at HighCliffe House.

Lynton a small town on Exmoor coast in Devon standing tall on the cliff of picturesque harbour village of Lynmouth.  I was really impressed that all the establishments in this small town are run by locals not a sign of big chain in sight.

Lynton Exmoor | Devon - England UK

Lynton Exmoor | Devon - England UK

Lynton and Lynmouth Funicular Cliff Railway Station

Nearest Postcode EX35 6HW

Lynton Top Station  | Devon - England UK

Top tip to park the car near Lynton and take the funicular to Lynmouth as it gets really crowded during the day.  A café with both covered and open space is located outside Lynton station which has breath-taking views of the coast and mountains.

Lynton Exmoor | Devon - England UK

Watersmeet House

Nearest Postcode EX35 6NT

National Trust property with ample parking at the entrance and short walk down to café. As the name suggest there is a river gorge, waterfalls and ancient woodland. Don’t forget to try the scones here you need the energy to walk back to the car park after few hours of exploring.

Watersmeet House | Devon - England UK

Watersmeet House |Devon - England UK

Valley of Rocks

Nearest Postcode EX35 6JH

A coastal circular walk with parking and café an easy walk though it was foggy on the day of the visit yet it was breathtakingly beautiful and bit spooky when you  see the cliff almost merging as one with the sky and ocean.

Valley Of Rocks Exmoor National Park| Devon - England UK

Valley Of Rocks Exmoor National Park| Devon - England UK

Church of All Saints

Location: Exmoor Heritage Coast, Exmoor National Park, Selworthy, Minehead TA24 8TR

There is no better view of rolling hills of Exmoor. Parking is available outside the church an amazing place which has a calming effect and the church so peaceful.

Church of all saints - Minehead |Devon - England UK

Exmoor National Park |Devon - England UK

Broad Sands – Combe Martin

Nearest Postcode: EX34 9SR

A steep walk down the cliff to the coast where you can find caves, coves with an island lookout. I am not kidding when I say the steps leading down to the coast is at 90 degrees but it is was well worth it when we spotted these two divers against the sun ready to meet the ocean.

Broad Sands, Combe Martin |Devon - England UK

Broad Sands, Combe Martin | Devon - England UK

Top Tip: Check for tide timings before you begin the walk as the coast completely disappears.


Location Hartland Devon Heritage Coast, North Devon EX39 5TL

An idyllic postcard village with cobbled streets and where cottages meet the ocean.  Don’t forget to grab an ice cream on your walk down the path.

Covelly | Devon - England UK

Covelly | Devon - England UK

Top Tip: We took the Landover taxi service on our way back dreading the steep climb, make sure you wear proper shoes in case of wet weather you don’t want to roll all the way down.

Speke’s Mill Mouth – Hartland

Nearest Postcode EX39 6DU parking near Hartland Quay

The waterfall is located on Hartland’s Heritage Coast in North Devon an area of outstanding beauty.  A spot where the waterfall meets the ocean.

Speke’s Mill Mouth, Hartland, | Devon - England UK

Speke’s Mill Mouth, Hartland, | Devon - England UK

Top Tip: The path leading to the hills has no tarmac and is prone to waterlogging so make sure to wear waterproof shoes.

Note: Image ~ ©Nessy Samuel All rights reserved . All views are mine and were correct at the time of visit.

Hidden Garden in London – A visit to Fulham Palace Walled Garden

It was an early morning visit to Fulham Palace located a short walk from Putney Bridge Underground Station. I would have passed this Putney Bridge so many times in the past and never knew there was a palace or walled garden here. I was so intrigued when I received the invite from Instagramers London that I had to go.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

A bit of History and Future Plans

Fulham Palace is home of the Bishops of London purchased in AD 704 which served as country retreat for the bishops and their families before becoming the bishop’s permanent residence in the early 20th century. There is so much history here and with the help of Heritage Lottery Fund and other sources, Fulham Palace trust is embarking on £3.8 million three year restoration project if you are interested in volunteering they have number of ways to do that. It is truly about the community and to preserve the heritage for the future generations to enjoy.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden There are two entrances, the main entrance via Bishop’s Avenue you are welcomed with the beautiful Gothic Lodge just look at the stunning chimneys followed by the open courtyard or you can take a short walk from the underground station via the woodland to reach the walled garden.Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden
Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

The Walled Garden

We were welcomed by the team at Fulham Palace and the current Head Gardener Lucy Hart who has experience working in Kew Royal Botanical Garden.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

The historic walled garden was built between 1766 and 1768 by renowned architect Stiff Leadbetter for Bishop Terrick. The garden underwent a major restoration in 2011-2012 and the original knot garden design was reinstated, the colours inspired by Bishop Blomfield’s coat of Arms – red, blue and yellow.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

When I walked into the Tudor Gate entrance I was welcomed with curves of wisteria which is more than 150 years old, the oldest in London a beautiful sight can you imagine when they are in full bloom the whole walled garden to be wrapped in these beautiful flowers so I make a mental note to visit then.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

Against the wall you can find metal framed glass greenhouse housing vegetables and herbs which is part of volunteer run Market Barrow and can be brought on sale days.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

The garden besides growing vegetable have an amazing apple orchard housing five bee hives which produces an award winning honey and one can also learn to be a bee keeper here. There are three Tudor bee boles I am not posting a photo of them but I will leave it to you to discover and enjoy spotting them.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

I left the garden with heady scent of lilies.

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

To know more about Fulham Palace or if you would like to hire venue or just go for a picnic please visit the Website

Fulham Palace and Hidden Walled Garden

Note: I received an invite from Fulham Palace as part of Instagramers London. All the views are my own. Image ~ ©Nessy Samuel All rights reserved.