DUM  Biryani House

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So here is my first blog post I thought why not start with biryani as the saying goes  “Biryani is happiness “

Though London is flooded with Indian restaurants, believe me it is difficult to find one serving a good biryani. So when I heard Dum Biryani House that focuses serving one dish and that is biryani I made a mental note of trying this place as it reminded me of India where these tiny places just serve amazing biryani and few starters or sides.

The location is perfect just off the main oxford street and the restaurant is in the basement which makes it cosy.

Dum Biryani House | London
Dum Biryani House | London

So my husband and I headed out for lunch over the weekend. We were seated immediately and ordered Chaas (Spiced Buttermilk) and sweet lassi as drinks.  The buttermilk was refreshing with hint of the herbs.

We asked the wait staff for the specials.We were informed about keema (minced lamb meat with spices) and paratha (flat bread). The keema was spiced well and went so good with freshly made flat bread.

Keema with Paratha | Minced Lamb Meat with Flat Bread

For the mains we went for one lamb biryani and one chicken biryani the specials from the board. Each biryani was cooked in separate handi (pot) covered with dough and it was served along with egg and chilli salan, aubergine raita , salad and  two types of poppadums one of which was roasted and not fried in oil. This biryani and these sides a perfect marriage. Though we tried both chicken and lamb biryani my favourite was the lamb biryani and so glad the biryani was made with meat along with bones which just takes the flavour to another level. A special mention about the spices used just like how it made back home pakka.

Dum Biryani
Dum Biryani

For pudding we had Rabdi I am not a massive fan of puddings in general so the size was perfect after a heavy meal with subtle flavour of rose petal jam that tickles your palate making it perfect end to the meal.


Dum Biryani House



Note: This is not a sponsored post and the views are my own.

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  1. Loved this post Nessy! Gorgeous pics and descriptions of your meal. You hace tempted me to visit soon 🙂

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