Zaiqa The Spice Store | Product Review

Zaiqa is based in my hometown Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India and it is owned by Anisa Arif. Spices blended with natural ingredients with no preservatives or MSG “Pure and Natural”

The first thing that hit me when I opened the packet of Curry Powder is the freshness and the aroma of spices reminds me of spice powder that was just roasted and powdered. The packaging is resealable and light weight. It is quiet handy when you need it don’t have to call the search party when you are in a hurry to cook something.


The curry powder is a versatile powder like garam masala a little bit of it lifts the whole dish. I used it to make a quick side dish to be served with dal (lentils) and rice.


In a hot pan add few drops of coconut oil, followed by thinly sliced onions. Once the onions soften add few springs of curry leaves, a heap of curry powder, salt to taste cook for a minute or two. Add sliced hard-boiled egg. Serve it warm with rice and lentils (dal).


If you are like me and live in a faraway land fear not Zaiqa ships international.
Connect with Zaiqa’s via Website, Facebook

Disclaimer : The product was sent to me for review. All opinions and views are mine.

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