Kricket – Soho| London

Oh the joy when finally Kricket opens its door in Soho. So one fine evening I decided to go for dinner with my partner in crime aka husband.

The location was ideal just a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly tube station. Reservations are available for 4 people and above, so we got there early to avoid waiting in the queue. The restaurant is very inviting with booths for small group and bar stool if you are on your own or there as a couple. What I really liked about Kricket is the open plan; you can watch your food being prepared right in front of you.

The concept is small plates and some of the dishes are seasonal so the menu changes depending on the season and availability.  I quite enjoy small plate dishes as I get to taste as many dishes as possible.

If you are looking for traditional Indian food this is not the place for you. I went with an open mind and thoroughly enjoyed how the Indian flavours and textures were brought together.

Coming on to the food we started with fresh lime soda with mint which was quite refreshing. This was followed by two variety of kulchas one with bone marrow and the other was masala.  The bone marrow kulcha was flavoured beautifully with the melted marrow and surprisingly light on the tummy. Though I am a big fan of marrow, the masala kulcha was the best with the raw onions, herbs and seasoned butter.

Scallops were served next with puffed rice. I would have never thought of marrying puffed rice with scallops but it worked beautifully.


The lamb haleem normally served with an overloaded of ghee, here at Kricket the dish was rich at the same time not heavy which works great when you want to try other dishes. The Haleem still retained the texture yet smooth, the addition of puffed wheat for the crunch effect was a nice touch.


Keralan Chicken with sweet pickled mooli (daikon radish), crunchy curry leaf and creamy mayo was the star of the meal. The best way to describe this chicken would be where KFC meets Chicken 65 which had a perfect balance of salt, sweet, crunch and creamy goodness.  I would highly recommend you to order this dish if you plan to visit Kricket.


Coming on to the Bhel Puri so glad they used raw green mangoes, I would have preferred less yoghurt or none in the bhel and bit spicier. The Indian in me needs chillies that extra kick but the texture was amazing not soggy but a very crunchy one.


We finished off the meal with Jaggery treacle tart milk ice cream himalayan sea salt. I am not massive fan of desserts so we just ordered one to share. The milk ice cream was really good and tart a bit too sweet to my liking but if you have sweet tooth you would really enjoy this dessert. While we were finishing of the meal at the counter I was eying the mishti doi (yoghurt based dessert) delicately topped with pistachio crumbs and rose petal and made a mental note to try it next time. A special mention about the staff at the kricket who made sure we enjoyed the meal.


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Note: This is not a sponsored post and the views are my own.


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  1. Love your shots of each dish you had and I am going to forward this post to a friend who has been looking out for something like this! Great review Nessy!

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    1. Thanks Suji , I took the photos with my humble phone. Hope your friend enjoys the meal ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. motoguzzimomma says:

    Great photos and very informative, Nessy. Love it. (Christine Fitzgerald)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christine Glad you enjoyed reading it xx

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