3 Days in Exmoor, Devon | Top Sights to Visit

Exmoor is between Somerset and North Devon located South West of England. To be honest 3 days is not enough but sometimes one needs to take a short break. I have compiled top spots to visit to truly experience what Exmoor and its surroundings have to offer.

Exmoor |Devon - England UK

Lynton was chosen as the base to explore Exmoor I have written a separate blog post about our stay at HighCliffe House.

Lynton a small town on Exmoor coast in Devon standing tall on the cliff of picturesque harbour village of Lynmouth.  I was really impressed that all the establishments in this small town are run by locals not a sign of big chain in sight.

Lynton Exmoor | Devon - England UK

Lynton Exmoor | Devon - England UK

Lynton and Lynmouth Funicular Cliff Railway Station

Nearest Postcode EX35 6HW

Lynton Top Station  | Devon - England UK

Top tip to park the car near Lynton and take the funicular to Lynmouth as it gets really crowded during the day.  A café with both covered and open space is located outside Lynton station which has breath-taking views of the coast and mountains.

Lynton Exmoor | Devon - England UK

Watersmeet House

Nearest Postcode EX35 6NT

National Trust property with ample parking at the entrance and short walk down to café. As the name suggest there is a river gorge, waterfalls and ancient woodland. Don’t forget to try the scones here you need the energy to walk back to the car park after few hours of exploring.

Watersmeet House | Devon - England UK

Watersmeet House |Devon - England UK

Valley of Rocks

Nearest Postcode EX35 6JH

A coastal circular walk with parking and café an easy walk though it was foggy on the day of the visit yet it was breathtakingly beautiful and bit spooky when you  see the cliff almost merging as one with the sky and ocean.

Valley Of Rocks Exmoor National Park| Devon - England UK

Valley Of Rocks Exmoor National Park| Devon - England UK

Church of All Saints

Location: Exmoor Heritage Coast, Exmoor National Park, Selworthy, Minehead TA24 8TR

There is no better view of rolling hills of Exmoor. Parking is available outside the church an amazing place which has a calming effect and the church so peaceful.

Church of all saints - Minehead |Devon - England UK

Exmoor National Park |Devon - England UK

Broad Sands – Combe Martin

Nearest Postcode: EX34 9SR

A steep walk down the cliff to the coast where you can find caves, coves with an island lookout. I am not kidding when I say the steps leading down to the coast is at 90 degrees but it is was well worth it when we spotted these two divers against the sun ready to meet the ocean.

Broad Sands, Combe Martin |Devon - England UK

Broad Sands, Combe Martin | Devon - England UK

Top Tip: Check for tide timings before you begin the walk as the coast completely disappears.


Location Hartland Devon Heritage Coast, North Devon EX39 5TL

An idyllic postcard village with cobbled streets and where cottages meet the ocean.  Don’t forget to grab an ice cream on your walk down the path.

Covelly | Devon - England UK

Covelly | Devon - England UK

Top Tip: We took the Landover taxi service on our way back dreading the steep climb, make sure you wear proper shoes in case of wet weather you don’t want to roll all the way down.

Speke’s Mill Mouth – Hartland

Nearest Postcode EX39 6DU parking near Hartland Quay

The waterfall is located on Hartland’s Heritage Coast in North Devon an area of outstanding beauty.  A spot where the waterfall meets the ocean.

Speke’s Mill Mouth, Hartland, | Devon - England UK

Speke’s Mill Mouth, Hartland, | Devon - England UK

Top Tip: The path leading to the hills has no tarmac and is prone to waterlogging so make sure to wear waterproof shoes.

Note: Image ~ ©Nessy Samuel All rights reserved . All views are mine and were correct at the time of visit.

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  1. Roselinde says:

    Stunning shots, the landscapes look amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, Devon is beautiful 😊


  2. OMG Nessy these shots are AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!! Why don’t you share these on social media. You’re a GREAT landscape photgrapher and you could teach me a thing or two, not the other way around. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kim you made my day hun yes ofcourse we can do a walk in the city once you are back. I share them on social media have a separate account will tag you there 😘💕


  3. Gorgeous shots Ness. The place and the pictures are breathtaking. You love captured the landscapes so beautifully. Love, love, love 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very Much Meera and special thanks for visiting my blog 💕😘


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