Shot On OnePlus Academy Workshop with Matt Scutt

One fine day I received a text from Nisha (My Kitchen Antics) asking me if I would like to meet her at OnePlus Academy for a photography workshop and photo walk. I was like yes and it has been a while since we have met.

Nisha is also part of London Chaiparty Pop-Up restaurant (while I type this mind wanders to Chaiparty’s Bengali pop up dinner yum) and macaron maker at Burgeois Boheme.

On the day of workshop, we arrived at the venue located overlooking River Thames. The team from OnePlus made us feel welcome and explained the agenda for the day.

Matt Scutt Creative Director | Photographer | Instagram Influencer with over 15 years of experience was leading the workshop, we were in good hands. After the formal introduction the workshop began with the quote below

“There are NO rules “

This was followed by composition techniques with examples. Some of the topics that were discussed are Rule of Thirds, Symmetry, Lines and Focal Point. The fun started when the team handed us the OnePlus 5 mobile phones for the practical lessons. Matt gave us all some toy cars  purely for photography purposes which was followed by circular walk besides River Thames.

Few photos from the workshop photographed using OnePlus 5 phone.

One Plus Five Workshop One Plus Five Workshop

One Plus Five Workshop One Plus Five Workshop

One Plus Five Workshop

Nisha and I were with the team for the first half of the walk , while we were busy taking photos and engrossed with catching up,  we ended losing the whole team along the way not on purpose I promise. This is what happens when friends meet after a while there is so much catching up to do.

Matt Scutt liked the photo below that I narrowly missed winning the OnePlus 5 phone. I absolutely loved the camera on OnePlus 5 it is just stunning, the phone is light weight if not for the heavy price tag I would definitely be buying.

One Plus Five Workshop

Thank You! OnePlus for hosting a great workshop and Matt Scutt for teaching, showing and sharing your knowledge

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

One Plus Five Workshop

Connect with Matt Scutt Nisha OnePlus

Note: Images ©Nessy Samuel All rights reserved. All views are mine.

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